21 Mar 2020

Access to the OYS system

The procedures to be applied for entry to the Instructional Management System.

  1. You must use the Internet Explorer browser to use the system without any problems.
  2. Flash Player application must be installed on your computer before logging into the system.
  3. You can do the installation here.
  4. If Flash Player is installed, you can test it here and activate the flash player.
  5. After the installation and activation process, we need to install Adobe Connect application.
  6. Installing for Windows from here.
  7. Installing for Mac from here.
  8. For access to the system, you can open oys.hku.edu.tr address in Internet Explorer and login with your OBS username and password. If you are having login problems with your OBS username and password, you can try again by updating your password from the OBS password reset page.
  9. After logging into the system, you can review the OYS user manual regarding the use of OYS.