20 Mar 2020

Distance Education Announcement

Against the risk of COVID-19, which is experienced on a global scale; As of March 23, 2020, distance education process will start in order to carry out our education / training activities as uninterruptedly as possible in the postgraduate, undergraduate and associate degree programs at our university.

  • Our OYS teaching portal will be open to all students and faculty members starting from March 23, 2020
  • You can access the Instructional Management System (OYS) from oys.hku.edu.tr
  • The OYS user credentials of all students and faculty members are the same as OBS (Student Information System). You can enter the OYS with your OBS credentials (Username and Password)
  • All courses given / received by our faculty members and students will be displayed in the OYS accounts
  • The materials shared in the course will be available to students
  • For Undergraduate and Associate Degree: Curriculum for online (live) lessons will be posted on department sites.
  • For Masters and PhD: Follow the next announcements for developments related to online courses.
  • SFL students are not included in this system, it is necessary clarifications will be made by the SFL management.
  • Please follow the next announcements for midterm examinations and other developments.